Our Method

  • We protect and cover all kitchen appliances with plastic sheeting and plywood. The surrounding countertops and areas are also covered. The greasy waste water is funneled into a receptacle for proper disposal.
  • Exhaust fans on the roofs are removed by technicians and cleaned. The grease traps are also removed and reattached after cleaning. Grease is also removed from the rooftop.
  • Ductwork will be pre-scraped with specialized tools if excessive buildup is present. De greaser is then, applied, and removed using heat and pressure washing equipment.
  • Our technicians will remove and securely replace all available access doors to properly clean the grease buildup in the duct work.
  • The plenum is the area behind the removable hood filers. This area is thoroughly cleaned to remove all trapped grease. The internal areas are cleaned by pressure washing, while the external areas are done by hand. These areas are polished to leave them with an impressive shine.
  • All floors, equipment, and countertops are left in the state that they were found. A detailed service report will be left upon completion and a certification sticker will be placed on each hood detailing service dates.

Kitchen Exhaust Hood Cleaning

Consistent maintenance in your restaurant or facility is the primary defense against fire hazards.